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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Pocket Planets Game
Pocket Planets Game 11-19-18
Kris Springer

In 2013 my brother Greg and I created an RPG board game called Pocket Planets. It's a dice/card game with a web based game board. It's got built-in mini-games, a casino, and multiple puzzle aspects that require you to complete tasks and gather clues in order to proceed. Greg spent 6 months designing all aspects of the game and digitally drawing all the artwork for the cards and game board, while I spent nights and weekends writing the code for the game board. It was an interesting time and I learned a lot. The goal was to sell the character sheets to gamers and the website would be made accessible to them. Because he's an artist and I'm a tech, we were never able to get the business side off the ground because we're terrible at marketing. But, the game is actually fun and has great potential for expansion to other themed worlds and characters if we ever get it produced. The first world we created was called Grolla. We had everything setup from an online store to AWS hosting plans if it really took off and I had to expand. We had the prototype game sheets and cards printed in high quality so we could have a fully completed boxed set. It's pretty cool. We even made a Junior version!
Here's the commercial Greg created.

You need the physical character sheets and cards to play the game, but here's what the game board looks like that we spent so much time building.

Click Here to play with the Grolla interactive game board.

Click Here to see the Grolla Junior game board.

I started working on a second world call Cyrock, but didn't get too far into it.

Click Here to see what the Cyrock game board started as.

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