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Kris Springer's Tech Blog - Podcast List 2020
Podcast List 2020 5-12-20
Kris Springer

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I like to ingest information and since I work from home and it's generally quiet in my office, I have the ability to put in an earbud and listen to various talking heads. I've been using an app on my phone called Podkicker Pro for many years that I find simple, and it works well.

So, here's my podcast list that I listen to right now.

Polemics Report with JD Hall

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

The Babylon Bee

Ben Shapiro Show

Matt Walsh Show

Michael Knowles Show

The Peter Heck Podcast

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Verdict with Ted Cruz

No Compromise Radio

Wretched Radio

Watersprings Church

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

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